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Readers can view the latest errata here

And of course can download the book files and errata doc at the publisher website at the link below.
note the publisher has changed the site and the download paths mentioned in the book are no longer correct.

I realized that there was not a table of contents available for the book so I have uploaded a .PDF for any one wanting to know what we cover in detail.





Inspired 3D Advanced Rigging and Deformations / Edition 1 by Brad Clark, Joe Harkins, John Hood, Kyle Clark (Editor), Michael Ford (Editor)

I am still attempting to talk with the publisher but for now it is not looking good. Just might have to write a new one and publish it through Rigging Dojo.
For now if you need rigging help and want to talk with us you can find us here at Rigging Dojo on the social streams sharing lots of up to date information and teaching all kinds of cool rigging theory online.

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#Cost of used books - don't get ripped off.
I just found out that there are stores selling our book used or new for hundreds of dollars, 300$ being the average.

Please don't buy it for that, I am going to contact the publisher about making the book available for ebook but I would much rather you save 300$ and put it in to personal mentoring, video tutorials or some other training materials.

I love our book but it isn't worth what these sellers are selling it for.



Unknown said...

That's cool of you to share.

Have had and valued your book for years.

Any high level thoughts on its ongoing relevance?

bclark said...

Yeah,We tried to write it to be much more than just a Maya software manual and really teach the struggle and effort of digging in a rigs guts. There are many chapters on theory and interviews and material that is still of value. We teach much of the relevant work through Rigging Dojo but I am seeing what I can do to get it republished as a digital copy.

John Garrett said...

I also have that book and it's a great non-software resource. I was amazed after looking at amazon there is even a used one for $900. Yeesh. The out of print books is becoming a racket, I think.


John Garrett said...

Oops I meant Non-Software specific.

teste said...

Any news for a ebook?
I really want a copy of this book, but I'm outside US abd these prices + importation are hard to afford

bclark said...

The publisher recently went through a big restructure and I am still trying to talk with them. It might come down to simply writing a new book and publishing it through Rigging Dojo. Still Trying though. If you are looking for something specific though come talk to us on our Social streams, I will update in the post.

teste said...

I'm just studiyng and trying to learn everything I can, you know. Applying for a course in rigging dojo is on my plans for next year but a rigging dojo's book would be great, for sure :D

John Dudley said...

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Alessandra Mota said...

Brad, is the updated version available to buy? The link that you posted from the publisher say the item is not found when I try to click on buy.